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Why, hello there tasty!

Suya is a delicious skewered meat delicacy, popular across Nigeria and West Africa.

Suya is also our name, because we’re passionate about bringing this rich and healthy food to London and beyond – with a generous helping of African culture.

Listen out for Afrobeat mixes at our pop-ups, then get fluent in Pidgin English which is commonly spoken across the region. It’s big, bold personality, perfectly matches Suya's flavour.

Watch this space to find our pop-up's and where you can buy the full Suya product range launching soon.

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Our story

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Soya society

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How to make

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Choose your Meat, Fish or Veg.

Dice and skewer.

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Dry rub all over and marinate

for around two hours (if you have time).

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BBQ, Oven, Fry or Grill

until cooked through and golden.

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Alternatively, just sprinkle over as a delicious seasoning.

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