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Below is a list of definitions of various types of technologies used in slip rings fields, the components they are made of and other useful definitions you may come across when browsing this website or other sources on industrial slip rings.

rotary connectors
Type of connector which could rotate for 360 degree continuously
Slip ring
A slip ring is used for the transmission of power and 信号s. Slip rings manage the transmission from a rotating to a stationary device. In electrical engineering sliprings often are used as components and assemblies.
Slip ring joint
A slip ring joint is a slipring assembly, which is multifunctional and complex.
Rotary joint
A rotary joint can be described as follows: A rotary joint connects the 信号s of a rotating body with a personal computer or with a stationary measurement system.
Electrical slip ring
An electrical slip ring transmits electric 信号s and power from a stationary device to rotating device.
Turret slip ring
Turret slip rings are used in armed vehicles. Turret slip rings can transmit high power and 信号s.
Radar slip ring
Radar slip rings are generally linked to a hight frequency rotary joint. Radar slip rings demand a very long lifetime because radar slip rings are used in a radar unit which last up to 30 years.
Defence application slip ring
Slip rings for defence applications are used in different defence technologies. Defence application slip rings are built to withstand strong vibrations.
Helicopter slip ring
Helicopter slip rings have often a de-icing function, are mounted on the tail rotor of a helicopter and adjust the tail rotor blades.
Space slip ring
Space slip rings are built for use in space. Space slip rings are extremely light and use carefully chosen materials.
Industrial slip ring
Industrial slip rings are slip rings which are very robust and reliable. Industrial slip rings contain special protections against harsh environments.
Naval application slip ring
Naval slip rings are designed for military naval applications. Naval slip rings have a watertight up to IP 66 for surface vessels and IP 68 for submarines.
Military slip ring
Military slip rings are used in turret of tanks or fitted on weapon systems in vehicles.
Offshore slip ring
Offshore slip rings are designed for use in oil explorations. Offshore slip rings are made of rustproof materials.

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